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DIZ:PLAYGerman drum&bass dj/producer collective N.phect & Dizplay, consisting of the brothers Sebastian & Henrik Wild, was formed in Cologne back in 2002. After playing guitars and drums in various Nu-Metal bands, they fell in love with
electronic sounds. The darker styles of artists such as the Virus-Camp, BadCompany and Konflict have been their strongest influences those days.

After a short time, they started writing tunes themselves. A demo cd was finished and lead to their first vinyl release (”Rotor”) on Protogen Records in 2003, which got heavy rotation. The follow-up 12″ (”Velvet Morning”/ “The
Syndicate”) was released on Basswerk Records and established them into the international spotlight, as the release had been recommended by the British “Knowledge Magazine”. By playing loads of dj sets on a range of prime events, they took the national German scene by storm. Further releases on imprints such as U3R (”Nanodust”/”Stripshow”) and on the MP3 label Shadybrain (”Neon City”/ Inside The Hive”/ “Bot Funk”) pushed the two brothers to the next level. They got voted into the ranks of Gemany`s Top 10 producers and started to play out internationally. N.phect teamed up with Phace for “Cavity” on Syndrome Audio as well as “Confront” on Full Force.

The direct response was a North American tour in spring 2006. In summer, N.phect & Dizplay released their debut album on Basswerk “Beautiful Bytes” which revealed their passion for abstract organic atmospheres, a club focused drumwork and attractive melodies playing above cyberfunk basslines. The album was introduced by a 12″ album teaser (”Deep Throat” feat. Phace/”Mofo” feat. Complex). That summer also saw N.phect’s worldwide breakthrough by his release on one of the scene`s major imprints, London-based Renegade Hardware (”Slith”).

Currently, N.Phect & Dizplay are busy with touring the planet, they just released a couple of fresh tunes on the Dutch labels Syndrome Audio (”Campaign”/ “Outpace”) and Citrus (”Freak Wave” / “Claws”), a State of Mind rmx of their tune “White Russian” is ready to hit the streets on Basswerk, accompanied by a brandnew N&D tune on the flip. They just signed new material to significant labels and started collaborations with cutting edge artists like Phace & State of Mind which are planned to happen this spring, so stay tuned…

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LOST SEQUENCELost Sequence, based in Switzerland, is the DJ and producer combo phil d (real name Phil Duss), amun-k (Patrick Kenel) and hide (Marco Huber), who have known each other since the year 2000. It was their passion for the music that led them to work together with different people in the scene and organize drum and bass parties of their own. They started DJing over 10 years ago and since 2001 phil d has got his own studio, in which, after many long nights, they got deeper engaged in the music. Soon enough they made acquaintance with people who shared the same passion as they did and so they joined the agency drumandbass.ch which was a new start for them. From that point on, in the summer of 2005, Lost Sequence was born. The biggest aim of theirs was to produce own music.

Their first big success came after one year of existence: On the renowned Citrus label from the Netherlands they celebrated their first release "Freak Wave" (in cooperation with Diz:play from Germany). That was motivation enough for the boys to get back into the studio and work hard. That resulted in a cooperation with Trace’s DSCI4 label. On the forthcoming LP “Spy Technologies – Part 5” aka “Codename:Echolon” (out due autumn 2007) they will be representing with the highly dealt “Moonraid” alongside such big name producers like Optiv, Masheen, Axiom or Dementia.

In addition to that, the production trio have played in nearly every club all over Switzerland and will leave for their first gig abroad this autumn, when they visit Ulm in Germany. Now, that they’re looking into a bright future, they promise that there’s a lot more in store!

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